Adstter Players

Adstter Digital Signage has android devices support. Also connect any screen with a Android box.


Android Box

1.6 GHz Quard-Core (6.4 GHz) Combined SSD Hard Drive Up to 512 GB (optional) for Fast & Reliable 5-Year Operations Dual Brand WIFI: 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz USB Camera Supported Bluetooth 4.0 (optional) Built-in Battery with Power Switch to protect your system against power outrage (optional) (see broshure)


Android Screen

Android tablet and screen up 22 inch. Ready to use Adstter. (see broshure)


Greeting Cards

Video card with memory and sensor (see broshure)


Low cost Tv consumer LED display. (see broshure)



Commercial grade Screens

The enclosures, Inputs, Heavy-duty hardware means a longer lifespan, Warranties, The extras – Glass, clocks, air-conditioners. (see broshure)


Tv stand Pedestal

Many formats, local manufacture


Top Vehicles

Outdoor screen. Use in taxis, ambulances.


Digital Billboard

DIP and SMD. Better resolution in many size.


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